Metrology: We only manufacture what we can measure.

We guarantee our clients a uniformly high quality of our products which we ensure with suitable and sophisticated measuring instruments and measuring techniques. For this purpose, we often develop individualized measurement setups to optimally comply with the requirements of our clients. Extensive test reports record the measurement results in graphics, 3D images and numerical data.

Basis for the error-free functionality of optical components and systems is the use of the right optical glass. Therefore, we carefully inspect all materials used for our products.

Our test equipment and measurement technologies:

Wavefront measurements

  • Interferometer ZYGO GPI-XP 4" for plane surfaces
  • Interferometer LT-Ultra IFM 12" for plane surfaces
  • Interferometer LT-Ultra 4" for plane surfaces
  • Interferometer FISBA µPhase 1000 for curved surfaces
  • Interferometer Möller-WEDEL VI-direct curved surfaces


  • Goniometer TRIOPTICS PrismMaster
  • Goniometer ZEISS Workshop 1
  • Goniometer ZEISS Workshop 2

Goniometry of small angles

  • Autocollimator ZEISS

Reflection/trans­mission measurement

  • Spectro­photo­meter Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 950
  • Spectro­photo­meter Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 1050    

Visual surface inspection

  • Stereo­micros­cope with digi­tal camera

Surface defect measurement

  • Measu­ring micros­copes with different eva­luation techno­logies

Tests on coating

  • Abra­sion resis­tance (eraser test) as per DIN ISO or MIL
  • Adhesion (tape test) as per DIN ISO or MIL
  • Environ­mental / climate test as per DIN ISO or MIL on client’s special request

Monitoring of coating process

  • To verify the optical pro­perties at least one test glass is archived from each coating batch

Measurements of size, shape and position

  • 3D coordi­nate measuring machine

Client and application-specific measuring devices

  • For client-specific measu­ring or testing jobs we deve­lop special measu­ring and test equip­ment incl. custo­mized soft­ware appli­cations; for this, we use oft client’s own appa­ratus or fixtures


Testing panel DIN ISO / MIL

Testing panel DIN ISO / MIL

Thickness measurement of plane plate

Thick­ness mea­sure­ment of plane plate

Visual error measurement

Visual error

Angular measurement with Goniometer

Angular mea­sure­ment with Gon­io­me­ter

µm testing of plano plates

µm testing of plano plates

Flatness testing during production

Flatness testing during production



Interferometer report

In­ter­fe­ro­me­ter report