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The world of photonics is characterized by innovations. Constant fresh developments and technical advancement in our industrial sector always pave the way for new applications in precision optics, optical coatings and optomechanical components.

Share our enthusiasm for the application of optical procedures and technologies – and share our curiosity and the endeavour to do better always.

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We have the solution

Since quality control and absolute precision are prioritized at MICROS Optics we have developed even a few years ago testing panels for examining surface defects in accordance with DIN ISO 10110 and MIL-O-133830A and incorporated them into our sales portfolio. With this we have a simple but effective instrument for visual inspection of surfaces. The testing panels enable us to estimate and categorize point-like or long-stretched local defects. They are a permanent part of our internal quality control, but they can also be acquired by our clients.

Expansion of production facilities

In 2016, we will be expanding our production area with the construction of a new building and will be investing in new production technologies for optic production and vacuum coating.